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Primal Shift Ch. 5
Ch. 5 Proving
Filled with a new energy, David was able to return to the Pack's campsite within four hours. The dark storm clouds had not yet dissipated, casting an eerie glow over the camp. As he approached, he could see that the entire pack seemed to be crowded around something outside the main tent. The pack members moved out of the way as they saw him approaching, allowing David to reach the inside of the group. He soon discovered that the pack was observing an argument between Megan and Marr that was going on outside the tent.
"You said you would give him more time!" Megan was shouting, having to stand on her toes to meet her father's gaze.
"I have given him over a day to return and he still hasn't," Marr replied calmly.
"I'm here now," David spoke up.
Everyone quieted down at him sudden appearance. Megan looked at him, deeply surprised at his new appearance. His black fur now had streaks of white outlined in a blueish tinge. Two streaks started at the tips of his ears, and went do
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Primal Shift Ch. 4
Ch. 4 New Abilities
"He obviously doesn't like me," David said, "nor does he want me here. What did you say to him that convinced him not to kill me?"
"I didn't tell you this," Megan answered, "but Marr is my father. He knows about me being attached to you, and he doesn't want me to feel the pain of losing you."
"So, now what?" He asks.
"I'm not sure," she said uncertainly. "No one has had to prove themselves to the pack before, and I'm not sure how it would be done. You would have to awe them, for sure, but how to do it?" She looked off pondering.
"Who would the pack need to have around?" He said. "Another warrior?"
"No," she said, looking up, "not a normal one. But maybe an abnormal one!"
"What are you saying?" David asked, confused.
"The pack already has an abundance of fighters, but we only have one with special abilities. If we could figure out how to get you an ability, we could convince them to let you in."
"But how?" He exclaimed, still doubtful. "You said you have no idea how
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Primal Shift Ch. 3
Ch. 3 The Pack
"I have to ask," David asked, "your name, i wouldn't have expected it to sound so....."
"Human?" She answered. "Well our pack has a tradition, females get 'normal' human names, while males get 'traditional' pack names."
"Oh, I guess that makes sense." David said. "So, what do i need to know about the pack?"
"Well, what do you know about wolf packs already?"
"Great," she said with a moan.
"Ok, wolf packs have a hierarchy system. Same applies to werewolf packs. There is an Alfa male and an alfa female. Our pack's alfa male is Marr, he is a big and old red wolf. Our pack's alfa female is Shila. She is a kind and old red wolf. They are mates. Marr is in charge of the pack, Shila is in charge of the little ones or cubs. Marr's right hand man is Blaze. Blaze has the ability to control fire. He also has the temper to go with it, be careful around him. His fur is grey with highlights of dark red fur. Our pack has three other males, Ghost, Shadow, and tenderfoot. Ghost
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Primal Shift Ch. 2
Ch. 2 Transformation
The bite immediately began to burn as if it was on fire. He screamed as the fire spread slowly through him. He looked at his shoulder and see that the wound had almost completely healed already. As the fire passed through his heart, it's beat began to quicken. After passing through it, the fire quickened it's pace and it quickly made it to the corners of his body. The fire continued to burn all across his body, but it started to burn more strongly in his injured leg. The heat in his leg continued to get hotter until it got beyond unbearable. Then, after an unending minute, the fire subsided. He looked over himself to find that both his bite wound and his leg were completely healed. He looked up and saw that she was still looking over him.
"It's not over yet," she said. "Your first transformation is coming."
As soon as she had finished speaking, a pain exploded inside him and he doubled over clutching his stomach. He could feel his organs and bones shifting around i
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Primal Shift Ch. 1
Ch. 1 Beginnings
Trees dusted in white powder flew by David as sped through the winter wonderland. His trusty snowmobile for a steed was performing excellent in the fluffy snow. He loved riding along the isolated trails that were carved through the forest.
David and his company of friends and family always went up into the mountains around La Pine, Oregon during ski season. It had become a tradition for them. Unfortunately, David had never been much of a skier and he had nearly broken his neck trying to snowboard. However, David soon found that he loved to go snowmobiling. He loved the rush of the wind as he sped along the trails.
This year had not been different and everyone had gone up into the mountains. Usually, one of David's friends goes snowmobiling with him, but today his friend wanted to ski. This left David alone in the woods. Over the years, David had traversed nearly every trail on the mountain. However, there was one set that he had never been on before. That particular se
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Secret of the Himalayas, Snow Leopard TF
Charlie left the warm confines of the tent, and was buffeted by an ice-cold breeze. The warm parka helped to keep most of the cold out, but it did nothing to protect his face. He quickly took the scarf that was wrapped around his neck and pulled it up to protect his mouth and nose. He looked up into the sky, he was lucky; the clouds hinted that it should not snow today. He always enjoyed the view outside his campsite. The Himalayan mountainsides were always breathtaking, even after seeing them dozens of times.
Charlie had been an attorney before he decided to go on an "adventure of a lifetime." He had made quite the pretty penny from countless of cases, and he easily could afford a trip around the world. He started with India and quickly took the chance to see the Himalayas. It had always been a dream of his to see the tallest mountains in the world. He had hiked from a small Tibetan village to the spot that he decided to make camp. He had stopped here because it was rumored that there
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So, I log into my Deviant-Art today. Been awhile, just wanted to check up on things. And i see that I now have 3,800 views on my stories! What?! Holy crap. I guess people actually like to read my stuff. So, amazing. MADE MY DAY!!!


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