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Ch. 5 Proving

Filled with a new energy, David was able to return to the Pack's campsite within four hours. The dark storm clouds had not yet dissipated, casting an eerie glow over the camp. As he approached, he could see that the entire pack seemed to be crowded around something outside the main tent. The pack members moved out of the way as they saw him approaching, allowing David to reach the inside of the group. He soon discovered that the pack was observing an argument between Megan and Marr that was going on outside the tent.

"You said you would give him more time!" Megan was shouting, having to stand on her toes to meet her father's gaze.

"I have given him over a day to return and he still hasn't," Marr replied calmly.

"I'm here now," David spoke up.

Everyone quieted down at him sudden appearance. Megan looked at him, deeply surprised at his new appearance. His black fur now had streaks of white outlined in a blueish tinge. Two streaks started at the tips of his ears, and went down each side of them. The streaks followed his mane down to his shoulders where they went down the back of each arm. When the streaks reach the elbows, they turned into a spiral that covers the entire forearm. The spiral is loose near the elbow and becomes more and more tight nit until it is solid white at the hands. This makes the fur on his hands bright white in contrast with the black pads on his hands. His midsection and chest remain black but his legs up to the knee have the same spiral that is on his arms. The only other white part is at the tip of his tail but the white dissipates halfway up the tail. The rest of his body is covered in the same black fur as it was before, although it now was more of a blueish black.

"Wow," was all that Megan could say. She also noticed his eye color had changed to an icy blue.

"Is your new appearance supposed to impress us?" Blaze was the first to speak up.

"No but this is," David said backing up.

David continued to back out of the crowd. Then, in a quick motion, he put his hands together and leaned forward. A powerful streak of blue lightning followed by a thunderous CRACK rushed from his hands and into the sky. Everyone in the crowd instantly went to their knees, startled by the loud thunder.

"Impressive," Blaze said, stepping forward. "But let us test your strength in combat!"

Blaze rushed forward and slammed into David. The two rolled into the forest both trying to rip each other’s throats out. Now in the trees, Blaze pounced off David and landed a few feet away. David rolled to a stop at his knee and looked up at Blaze. Blaze then let out a column of fire towards David. David rolled out of the way and let loose a bolt at Blaze. Blaze rolled out of the way and was about to let loose another column of fire when a thundering voice roared, "STOP!!!!!" They both froze and looked up to see Marr standing angrily at the edge of the trees.

"There is no need for this battle," Marr commanded. "This one has proven his worth; he is now a part of our pack." Blaze began to protest only to be silenced by Marr's hand. "He is part of the pack. He will now be known as Lightning, for his new power. Now I am tired let us go to sleep. It has been a long day."

After everyone had dispersed (Blaze rather reluctantly), David and Megan approached each other.

"Lightning, eh?" Megan said, seductively. "I think I like the new you."

"Is that so?" He said.

"Come," she said, pulling at his shoulders. "You are sleeping with me from now on."


It had taken only weeks for David to understand almost all of the Pack's daily activities. He was taught how to hunt deer by Shadow. He quickly came to like Shadow and they were soon good friends. They would go out each morning and try to take down a deer or an elk for the Pack. While they were out in the woods, Shadow would sometimes teach David some of his sneaking techniques. During one of their first teaching sessions, Ghost walked into their clearing unexpectedly and saw Shadow teaching David. Ghost soon exploded with rage at Shadow for showing David their techniques. Shadow, not about to be controlled by his brother, shouted back at him, saying he could do what he wanted. The two of them then jumped into each other and they wrestled on the forest floor. David got between them and was able to stop the fight; however, Ghost sprinted angrily off into the forest. Afterwards, Shadow and David found more secluded places to practice sneaking.

Tensions between Blaze and David continued to stay high. Blaze would always try to blame pack problems on David. Marr and Megan would continue to defend David, but it was clear the pack was beginning to have problems. David was only a small event in a long chain of events that Blaze had been using to try to undermine Marr. Blaze was trying to remove Marr from pack leader and become the leader himself. As time went on, it seemed certain members of the pack were choosing sides knowing things were changing. Blaze, Angelica, Violet, Ghost, and Staci were on one side. While Marr, Megan, David, Shadow, Tenderfoot, Shila, and Kate were on the other.

Tensions grew higher as word of another werewolf pack was said to be enclosing on the Pack's territory. Marr wanted to see if they would pass while Blaze wanted to confront them. Marr forbid any interaction with the unknown pack, an order Blaze was furious with. Later, David saw Blaze sneaking out into the woods one night and he decided to follow him. Using his new stealth techniques, he learned from Shadow, he was able to follow Blaze without being spotted. He saw Blaze enter the other pack's camp and walk up to their leader.

"What do you want?" The other pack's leader demanded.

"I want your help," Blaze replied, head bowed.

"Why would we help you?" The leader asked.

"Because you could have all of my pack's land and resources," Blaze said looking up. "And you would have my help." With his last statement, Blaze stood up and he shot two columns of fire at a nearby tree.

"Ok," the leader said, looking at the burnt tree. "We will talk inside."

Blaze followed the leader inside the tent that sat in the middle of camp. Blaze and the leader talked for hours in the tent. Just when David started to leave, Blaze and the leader exited the tent.

"I'm glad we could come to an agreement," the leader said to Blaze.

"So am I," Blaze replied.

Blaze started to walk away when he stopped and turned back towards the leader.

"One more thing," Blaze said as he approached the leader. "For my plan to work, you cannot be the leader of this pack."

"What are you sa-" was all the leader could ask before Blaze's fire wreathed hand slashed out towards his throat. The leader's head toppled to the ground, a look of confusion still on his face.

Blaze picked up the head by the top of its mane and lifted it up for the entire pack to see. "I am now your leader!" He shouted at the top of his lungs. One of the werewolves in the crowd, presumably the past leader's right hand man, lunged out toward Blaze. Blaze shot a column of fire and coated the attacked completely in fire. The werewolf screamed as he ran out into the woods, flames all across his body.

"Does anyone else challenge me?!" Blaze shouted.

David knew that Blaze was going to use his new forces to attack the Pack. So David sprinted back to camp to warn Marr. He rushed into the main tent and woke up Marr.

"Blaze has taken over the other pack and he is planning on taking out ours!" David said to Marr.

"Prepare our defenses," Marr said, getting up out of his bed. "We are going to war."


Primal Shift Ch. 5
Chapter 5 of Primal Shift!
This is the last chapter i have written. I may continue the story, I don't know at this point.
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I have just uploaded 5 new stories. I hope all of you out there enjoy!

Ch. 4 New Abilities

"He obviously doesn't like me," David said, "nor does he want me here. What did you say to him that convinced him not to kill me?"

"I didn't tell you this," Megan answered, "but Marr is my father. He knows about me being attached to you, and he doesn't want me to feel the pain of losing you."

"So, now what?" He asks.

"I'm not sure," she said uncertainly. "No one has had to prove themselves to the pack before, and I'm not sure how it would be done. You would have to awe them, for sure, but how to do it?" She looked off pondering.

"Who would the pack need to have around?" He said. "Another warrior?"

"No," she said, looking up, "not a normal one. But maybe an abnormal one!"

"What are you saying?" David asked, confused.

"The pack already has an abundance of fighters, but we only have one with special abilities. If we could figure out how to get you an ability, we could convince them to let you in."

"But how?" He exclaimed, still doubtful. "You said you have no idea how we could gain an ability."

"We would need to figure that out," she  grabbed him and looked deeply into his eyes. "You go into the forest and wait for me. I will try to get information out of Blaze. Go!"

They both went their separate directions. David went out into the forest near the camp. Megan went back into camp to talk to Blaze. David figured that Megan was going to be awhile, so he decided to check out his new abilities as a werewolf.

First he tried transforming back into a human. He focused on a mental image of himself as a human, and with great mental straining he could feel things beginning to change. Pain hit him as he slowly transformed back to his human self. His legs and face changed at the same time, all the while his height decreased. His tail retreated back into him and his fur disappeared. After four grueling minutes, his human self stood alone, naked, in the forest. It was quite cold standing naked in the forest so he transformed back into his werewolf form. He did this by focusing on an mental image of himself, just like he did transforming into human form. Transforming back into werewolf form was quicker and less painful than it had been the first time. Fur sprouted all over his body as his tail snaked out. He legs stretched and reformed. His ears and face reformed and David was still surprised at the sensory difference. The entire transformation took little over a minute to complete.

The sun had begun to rise, and Megan still had not returned. He was tired from his transformations and he decided to rest. He saw a tree with a bough that looked perfect for him to sleep on. The only problem was that it was twenty feet above his head. He decided it was time to test his new strength and he stepped back and jumped towards the branch. His strength was much more than he would have thought and, instead on landing on the bough, he crashed his head on the branches above it. His connection with the upper branches caused him to lose his momentum and he fell short of the bough and crashed into the snow twenty feet below. He landed expertly with a somersault, but he was still shaken up from the fall. He made the decision to climb the tree instead of jumping to the branch. When he finally made it to the bough, he brushes off the accumulated snow and laid down. Exhausted, he quickly fell into a deep sleep.

He was awakened by the return of Megan. He looked down to see her only to be blinded by the bright snow. It was now midday and the snow glistened in the sunlight. After his eyes adjusted, he rolled off the branch and landed in the snow below. Megan walked up to him, sulking.

"I tried everything i could," he said, tears in her eyes. "I got Blaze drunk on his favorite brew and i got him talking. But all he spoke about was getting trapped in the forest fire, flames darting around him. He talked about knowing that he was going to die. Then he said as the fire closed in on him, the flames stopped burning him. Instead he said they raced up his fur staining it red. then they circled around him, and suddenly he was lifted up by the flames. He said he then was atop a huge spiraling tornado of flame. He then said the flames lowered him down, and disappeared. He said it wasn't until after he got out of the forest fire that he discovered he could control fire.

"How are we  supposed to duplicate that?" She sobbed, the tears now flowed down his face in rivers.

David threw his arms around her and she buried her face into his shoulder. He let her sob for a  minute before lifting her muzzle up so he could look into her eyes. "We will find something else to do. We have to."

"How?" She asked. "What are supposed to do?"

"I don't know," he said, looking off towards the mountains. "I don't know....."

They stood there embracing each thinking. Hour went by and they were still unsure on what to do. It was getting late and the sun was beginning to set, and all hope of meeting the deadline was slipping by.

"I have a place I can go to think," he said to her. "But it is going to take me awhile to reach it. Every time i go there i find answers, and i feel i need to go there now. Go to your father and try and buy me some time. I need to do this alone."

"Ok," she said, seeing the determination in his eyes.

She left him and he again was alone in the forest. He then sprinted southwest into the forest. Mt. Theilson stood like a spearhead in the forest. Glaciers had made its peak as sharp as an arrowhead and it always was covered in ice. David had first climbed it when he was fifteen, and he was amazed at the view it had from the top. Two years later his mom had died in a car wreak and he had been hit hard by her loss. He climbed Theilson and at the top he was able to find a answer on how to deal with the loss. Ever since, whenever he had a major problem he could climb the mountain and he would be presented with an answer.

It took him only an entire night of sprinting to reach the mountain. Exhausted by the nights exertion he laid down on the ground and passed out.  When he awoke, he was surprised to find that it was still dark out. He soon discovered that the reason it was dark was because ominous storm clouds had rolled in while he slept. He could not afford any more delays, so he set out to start climbing even as the first snowflakes started to hit the ground. Halfway up the light snow had turned into a blizzard and he would have been blown off the mountain had he not had his newly acquired strength as a werewolf. He also could hear thunder roll off in the distance and he prayed it stayed over there. As he reached the final climb up the steep peak, the blizzard stopped. He was thankful for the final accent would have been impossible otherwise.

He reached the top and saw that, even though the storm clouds came low, he could still see well off into the distance. Only the falling snow to the east blocked his view. He stood there with the wind howling past for a few minutes waiting for an answer to come to him. Minute more passed and he was growing impatient.

"Help me!" He shouted out to the sky. "You always give me an answer! Give me one now!"

As soon as he had finished his last words, lightning struck the mountain not three feet from him. Before he had time to react lightning struck on the other side of him.

"Oh shit," he exclaimed, understanding how dire the situation had gotten.

Lighting continued to strike all around him, cutting off all ways of escape. The strikes seemed to be happening more frequently, and the thunder was deafening. Soon all he could hear was a ringing in his ears from all the thunder. More and more lightning strikes continued to hit around him, it almost seemed as if it was fencing him in. The "fence" of lightning started to creep in closer and closer to him. All of the sudden, the lightning was striking just inches from his feet. He stood frozen, not wanting to be struck even though he knew that he should have been already. Then a single bolt came down and hit him directly in the forehead. However, instead of shocking him, it split into several streams that ran across his black fur. Everywhere the lightning touched his fur, it changed color from black to white with a blueish tinge. The lightning continued to swirl around him at his knees. Then, in a flash the lightning dispersed by shooting streams off in all directions.

David dropped down to his knees, his heart was racing. He arched forward to look at his hands, and he saw that strands of blue lightning twisted around his palms and fingers. He leaned back and let out a bellowing laugh that was followed by a quick howl. His mountain had given a answer after all.

Primal Shift Ch. 4
Chapter 4 of Primal Shift!
Our character gets a new upgrade. I hope you enjoyed reading!
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Ch. 3 The Pack

"I have to ask," David asked, "your name, i wouldn't have expected it to sound so....."

"Human?" She answered. "Well our pack has a tradition, females get 'normal' human names, while males get 'traditional' pack names."

"Oh, I guess that makes sense." David said. "So, what do i need to know about the pack?"

"Well, what do you know about wolf packs already?"


"Great," she said with a moan.

"Ok, wolf packs have a hierarchy system. Same applies to werewolf packs. There is an Alfa male and an alfa female. Our pack's alfa male is Marr, he is a big and old red wolf. Our pack's alfa female is Shila. She is a kind and old red wolf. They are mates. Marr is in charge of the pack, Shila is in charge of the little ones or cubs. Marr's right hand man is Blaze. Blaze has the ability to control fire. He also has the temper to go with it, be careful around him. His fur is grey with highlights of dark red fur. Our pack has three other males, Ghost, Shadow, and tenderfoot. Ghost and Shadow are twins. They both have pitch black fur, like you. They are a mischievous set and can sneak up on you quite easily, hence their names. Tenderfoot is our newest male that has come to age. He will get a new name once he has earned it. There four more females other than myself, Angelica, Kate, Violet, and Staci. Violet is our eldest and wisest. Her fur is grey. Angelica is Blaze's mate. She has brown fur. The rest of the females, including me, have yet to choose a mate. Kate and Staci both have grey fur. There are also many other little ones that have yet to grow up."

"Wow...." David said, trying to take it all in. "Wait a second! You said one of them can control fire?"

"Yes," she said nonchalantly.

"How is that possible?" He asked incredulous.

"Werewolves are more in tune with the elements than humans are. This allows some of us to harness the elements abilities. No one knows how someone gains the ability, but Blaze claims he obtained it when he was caught in a forest fire. All we know is that one day he has grey fur like the rest of us, then a huge fire rips through the forest trapping him. Then he comes out of the flames with red highlights in his fur and the ability to control fire."

"Ok, I think i have the gist of it." David said, obviously in information overload. "So what'll happen to me when we get there?"

"To be truthful," Megan said, "I have no idea. I guess we'll find out, we're here." She pointed to a clearing up ahead.

"One more thing," she grabbed his shoulder and turned him around, "When we change someone of the opposite sex, we, um, become attached to them emotionally. I didn't believe it, seeing you..." She looked down.

"Well," he said turning up her muzzle so he could see into her eyes, "I think the connection goes both ways." They smiled at each other, looking into each others eyes.

"Let's go," she said, pushing him towards the clearing.

David entered the clearing with Megan just in front of him. From where he stood he could see a female werewolf playing with some young cubs with a male and a female sitting down on a log watching the cubs play. The couple on the log were easily identified as Blaze and Angelica by their fur. While David could only guess that the female with the cubs was Shila. He could also see Ghost and Shadow talking at the edge of the forest. A hut sat in the middle of the clearing and smoke curled up from the top of it.

As he and Megan entered farther into the clearing, everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at the two of them. Shila quickly rounded up the cubs and herded them into the hut. As soon as she entered the hut, a huge werewolf abrubtly came out. He obviously was in charge, and he came over to tower over David and Megan.

"What is the meaning of this?" His question was directed at Megan. "You bring an unknown werewolf into our camp! Why?!" While he spoke Blaze came up along his side and Ghost and Shadow had snuck up behind David. Marr looked deeply into Megan's eyes, searching for an answer. After looking for several seconds, surprise then anger spread across his face. "No! You didn't!"

"I didn't have a choice," she pleaded.

"You could have left him to die!" Blaze exclaimed from behind Marr.

"Silence!" Marr barked. "I need to speak Megan alone." He gestured for Megan to follow him into the woods. "Do not harm him while I speak to her."He then left with Megan, and David was left alone surrounded by three angry looking werewolves.

"He will not let you live," Blaze threatened, "and i will be the one to kill you."

David didn't dare speak back to him. So, the four of them sat in silence for several minutes until Marr's return. Marr came back into the clearing with Megan behind him. Her face was streaked with tears.

"We will let you live," he said to David, "but you will have to prove yourself to us before you can be one of our pack." He then looked at the rest of them in the clearing. "Leave us."

After they reluctantly went away, Marr and Megan aproached David.

"She has explained to me that you would have died if she had not been there to help." Marr said. "Is this true?"

"Yes..." David then continued to explain about the snowmoblie accedent, his injury, and how he would have died without her.

"I see," Marr said.

"I am eager what i need to do to prove myself to you," David asked.

A shadow passed over Marr's face, "You will not be proving yourself to me. You will be proving yourself to the pack. Megan will tell you what you could do. You have until sunset tomorrow. Marr then left the two of them alone.

Primal Shift Ch. 3
Third Chapter of Primal Shift. 
Characters of the story are introduced as well as the whole dynamic of the pack. Forgive any bad dialogue and other grammatical issues as I'm new at this.
Fave if you liked it!
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Ch. 2 Transformation

The bite immediately began to burn as if it was on fire. He screamed as the fire spread slowly through him. He looked at his shoulder and see that the wound had almost completely healed already. As the fire passed through his heart, it's beat began to quicken. After passing through it, the fire quickened it's pace and it quickly made it to the corners of his body. The fire continued to burn all across his body, but it started to burn more strongly in his injured leg. The heat in his leg continued to get hotter until it got beyond unbearable. Then, after an unending minute, the fire subsided. He looked over himself to find that both his bite wound and his leg were completely healed. He looked up and saw that she was still looking over him.

"It's not over yet," she said. "Your first transformation is coming."

As soon as she had finished speaking, a pain exploded inside him and he doubled over clutching his stomach. He could feel his organs and bones shifting around inside him. He started to grow taller as fur sprouted across his arms. His clothes quickly became uncomfortably tight and he frantically tried to get them off. He got his coat off successfully but his undershirt and pants were too tight to try and remove. A tingling in his hands caught his attention and he looked down at them to see that his palms had started to blacken and become harder as they transformed into canine pads. Razor sharp claws were now at the ends of his fingers replacing his fingernails. The tightness of his clothes was now unbearable and he used his newfound claws to tear his shirt and pants to shreds. With his clothes off, he could now see that thick, black fur had covered over most of his body. A tearing sound from his feet drew his eyes downward, claws from his feet had torn through his boots. His feet soon began to ache as he felt them grow longer. With a loud rip, his feet were free from the confines of the shoes. He now had a perfect pair of digigrade legs covered in dark fur to match the rest of his body. A pain in his rear told him that he now had a tail, and a glance behind him confirmed his suspicions. Now all that remained unchanged was his head, but they soon began to transform. His ears were first, they grew longer and more pointed as they relocated to the top of his head. Once they had finished moving, he was hit with a myriad of new sounds. Fur had started to creep up his neck and was blending into his hair. As his face began to change, it felt as if someone was trying to pull his face off as it lengthened. In a few seconds, his nose and mouth were encompassed within a canine muzzle. An infinite amount of new tastes and smells came along with the change. Dark fur covered the rest of his face, signifying the end of his first change.

David was now nearly eight feet tall, with midnight black fur. He could feel that he was faster and stronger than ever before. The cold of winter no longer plagued him, as he was snuggly wrapped in a thick coat of fur. His tail swished behind him and he was fascinated that he had full control of it's movements. He looked over himself and smiled, he loved that fact that he was now a werewolf.

"How do you feel?" She asked, her voice reminding him that she was still watching over him.

"I feel amazing!" He exclaimed. "This is truly wonderful. I have to thank you. However, i never caught your name."

"My name is Megan," she answered. "I wish I didn't have had to change you but it was the only way you could have lived."

"Are you kidding?" He responded. "This is great!"

"You do not fully understand the consequences of what i have done. There is much that you have to learn about being a werewolf. I am also unsure if my pack will accept you as one of them." She looked down, sadness in her eyes. "They may try to kill you."

"Come," she said as she looked back up. "I will teach you everything on the way back to the pack."

David looked back towards his pile of shredded clothes and mangled snowmobile and felt a pain in his heart of what he would be walking away from, his friends, his family, his life. He looked down at his hands and the rest of his changed body. He decided that there was no going back, only forward into his life. With that final thought, he followed Megan into the woods.

Primal Shift Ch. 2
Chapter Two of Primal Shift!
Kinda short, but oh well, it is just a transformation. More story in the later chapters.
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I have just uploaded 5 new stories. I hope all of you out there enjoy!


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